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About Plumas TaleSpinners and StorySlam!

Plumas TaleSpinners promotes the art of storytelling. StorySlam! is one of the ways we help storytellers develop and provide enrichment and entertainment to tellers and audience alike. Anyone who wants to be a teller is welcome to sign up for future venues and attend our storytelling group meetings.

How Does StorySlam! Differ from other Spoken Word Events?

It is a storytelling competition with a time limit and a theme chosen for the tellers. Tellers will be judged and given points. Crafting a story with criteria is a challenge but rewarding for teller and audience.

It is not a venue for Poetry, a skit, comedy act, eulogy or memorial, a rant-political or otherwise, a sermon, musical performance, Reader's Theater, and so on. While a story may refer to something of the above, it is not in place of the story.

Plumas TaleSpinners StorySlam! currently differs from other Story Slam groups who perform weekly or monthly, and take teller sign-ups at showtime and pull ten random names to perform. We invite tellers to sign up in advance of the show, thus reserving their teller spot. Other groups pick some judges randomly from the audience, but we are replacing that after the judges' tally with the improv face off and audience voting then.

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